NMR, Inc.

NMR has been providing Employee Benefit solutions as a General Agency in the Northwest since 1988.

Our Flexible Benefit Division offers, FSA, HRA and POP Plan Administration.

Our Insurance Division offers Agents, Dental, Vision, Short Term Medical, Group, Voluntary options for their Clients.

CBSF Trust is only Available in WA State

NO Rate or Plan Changes for 2020

2019-2020 CBSF Delta Dental & VSP Information

Delta Dental & VSP Benefit/Rate Information


2019- Delta Dental Benefit/Rate Sheet

2019 - Delta Dental Benefit Summaries

         - Delta Dental CBSF Plan B Summary
         - Plan B with Ortho Rider 1
         - Plan B with Ortho Rider 2
         - Delta Dental CBSF Plan D Summary
         - Plan D with Ortho Rider 1
         - Plan D with Ortho Rider 2
         - Delta Dental CBSF Plan E Summary
         - Plan E with Ortho Rider 1
         - Plan E with Ortho Rider 2


Vision Service Plan Rates and Summaries
2020 No Benefit or Rate Changes

2019 VSP Information

2019 - VSP Benefit/Rate Sheet
2019 - VSP CBSF Plan A
2019 - VSP CBSF Plan B
2019 - VSP CBSF Plan C - NEW!


2019 CBSF Companion Life Information

Companion Life - Group Term Life and STD

Life and STD Rates and Benefits

Companion Life - CBSF Enrollment Forms

2019 CBSF Companion Life Underwriting Rules
CBSF Companion Life - Life and STD GMA
CBSF Companion Life - Employee Enrollment Change Form

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