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NMR has been providing Employee Benefit solutions as a General Agency in the Northwest since 1988.

Our Flexible Benefit Division offers, FSA, HRA and POP Plan Administration.

Our Insurance Division offers Agents, Dental, Vision, Short Term Medical, Group, Voluntary options for their Clients.

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Group Retiree Medical


Q. Who is this for?

A.  Groups with less than 20 employees and have current or retired employees they which to provide coverage for.

Q. Who Pays for the coverage?

A.  This plan can be employer paid or member paid.  So while the employee is still working the employer can pay, then when the employee retires, they can self pay.

Q. How many must enroll?

A.  The group can just enroll 1 Retiree (this can be for current and/or former employees)

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